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Past Races

07/13/2019 Calaveras TT
05/19/2019 Morgan Hill Sprint Tri DNS
04/14/2019 Discovery Bay Sprint Tri ?
03/24/2019 Tempus Fugit ITT 3rd

Johnny Gossett

Pleasanton, California | none

Main FocusSprint Tri and Cycling
Bucket List RaceNone
Post-Race DrinkOsmo Recovery

1980's Triathlete turned college crit racer ( Go DOTS) super long break.. blow out knee being like Mike.. turned Triathlete again. Obviously running is no longer a strong suit, not like it ever was but it's changed for sure. Mostly do Sprint Tri's now with some internal debating about going longer depending on my knee. Love Enve products and currently use 4.5AR and 5.6 Disc. Always looking for an edge to improve my multisport fitness and race times. Very interested in the tech side of sports and keeping up with the latest and greatest.

Other favorite brands are Parlee ( Z-Zero XD and TTiR ) and BMC ( TMR01 soon)

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