ENVE Racing

Nicholas Latham

Silver Spring, Maryland | https://www.strava.com/athletes/3455016

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceMasters National Crit and Track Championship
Post-Race DrinkHigh protien shake (ON's) / SIS

I'm a former collegiate NCAA D1 football and track and field athlete, and currently an Assoc. athletic director for athletics at Howard University in D.C. I'm currently a Cat 3 competitor 1 point away from being a Cat 2 racer with 9 wins 15 podiums and 25 top tens out of 42 races. I'm not your typical cyclist, being a former strength athlete my race weight varies from 215-230. My peak power numbers are regularly between 1700-1900 watts with a PR of 2009 so you can consider me a extremely powerful cyclist. This upcoming season I have a reachable goal of being masters track champion in the flying 200 and 1k. Stars and Bars will be the ultimate goal. Cycling have become a major part of my life. Hopefully this will be my second year on the team which I will be excited to stand on top of the podium with the Enve Brand on my back.