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11/11/2018 MiamiMan 8th OA and AG National Champion

Vincenzo Marchione

Middletown, Delaware | http://xtrememultisportcoaching.com/

Bucket List RaceTo became eligible for my pro card again at age 41
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk

I was born and raised in a small fishing town near Salerno, Italy and dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player. Growing up in a very modest home, this sometimes seemed an impossible goal. However, practice paid off over time, and I was able to earn my pro status. I performed as a goalie for nearly eight years. Then in 1997, I suffered an injury that ended my carrier as a soccer player. Later on, I decided to move to America. Now married with three sons, I own a small bakery with my wife. However, I still continue to pursue my dream of competing as a professional athlete.

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