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07/28/2019 Ironman Canada 70.3
07/13/2019 Lake Whatcom Triathlon
06/22/2019 Padden Triathlon
06/01/2019 Lake Wilderness Triathlon

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09/07/2018 Lake Stevens Triathlon
08/17/2018 Lake Meridian Triathlon

Chad Brumbaugh

Bothell, Washington

Main FocusTriathlon and overall fitness
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship
Post-Race DrinkI use Hammer Nutrition extensively
Off-Day ActivityEnjoy hiking the northwest

I am a CPA in Washington State who has come back to triathlon after years of reinventing myself. Did short and long course tri's in my 20's but stopped as started road racing motorcycles for a few years. Then got serious about life and went back to school for accounting, CPA, and MBA. Now that those things are in the bag, I have come back with passion and enthusiasm. Getting married this November and we have a passion for health, fitness, nutrition, and of course competition. :-)
2018 was my second year back and it was very successful with one OD age group first (USAT event) and one sprint age group win. All of this without any modern aero wheels....yet. Wanted to see how this year results were before making the plunge.

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