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Past Races

12/08/2019 Rudolph's Rampage XC MTB
Race Recap
1st Place Cat/AG
11/16/2019 Gravel Mob 28th Place Overall
11/10/2019 Sagan Roadie Oh! 78th Overall
11/09/2019 Fig Fondo 2nd Overall (Fig Metric)
10/19/2019 Hincapie Gran Fondo
Race Recap
Top 50 or 60 (Chip fail and garmin partial fail)
10/05/2019 Loop Da Ville 1st Overall
09/15/2019 Biltmore Gravel Grinder
Race Recap
19th overall; 6th AG
06/22/2019 Legion 100 DNF
05/18/2019 Strade Boro
Race Recap
6th overall, 4th in AG
04/28/2019 Saluda Roubaix
Race Recap
60th overall

Philip Quann

Florence, South Carolina

Main FocusRoad, Gravel, Time Trials
Bucket List RaceParis Roubaix, Flanders Sportives, Belgian Waffle Ride, DK200 etc.
Post-Race DrinkOsmo recovery with frozen bananas and vanilla flax milk
Off-Day ActivityHuman Jungle Gym, Teacher, Coach, and Buddy to 5 of my peeps

Husband, Father of 5, Son, Brother, Cyclist and Bike Commuter, Cycling Advocate, Physician/Pathologist, Musician, Artist, Longtime and Many-wheeled ENVE rider (multiple SES 3.4s, SES 6.7s, SES 8.9s, SES AR 4.5 discs, M525s)

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