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Past Races

08/31/2019 Tantalus Triple Trek
08/18/2019 Squamish 50/50 50k
08/17/2019 Squamish 50/50 50-miler
08/03/2019 Maunawili Out and Back (trail race)
07/06/2019 Kaena Point Firecracker (trail race)
05/04/2019 Kealia Quad Crusher (trail race)
Race Recap
04/06/2019 Vi's Top of Tantalus (trail race)
03/16/2019 Aiea Loop Express (trail race)
12/09/2018 Honolulu Marathon
12/02/2018 XTERRA Trail World Championship

Melanie Koehl

Kailua, Hawaii | outsiderocks.com

Main FocusTrail Running, Triathlon
Bucket List RaceSquamish 50/50
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk
Off-Day ActivityHiking with my kids

My island home is my playground. Originally from the east coast, I moved to Hawaii twenty years ago to work in my field of graphic design, but mostly to enjoy the beautiful weather 365 days a year. I have always been a runner, mountain biker, and a very active person. When I moved to Hawaii I started road cycling and swimming. My love of triathlon started at that time and I was competing in a race almost every weekend. Recently I’ve been riding road and getting in all the mountains that I can climb. I’m also an avid trail runner and find that the trails give me peace and solitude. I am heavily active on social media and run a group with over 1200 members called Soul Runners Hawaii. I love to motivate, cheer, and help people to achieve their goals. I’m a fit mom of three with lots of energy and a love of the outdoors!

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