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Greg Rossolimo

Pomfret, Connecticut

Bucket List RaceSomething mountainous: Alp D'Huez Triathlon; Ironman Nice (France); Kona 70.3; Ironman Whistler.
Post-Race DrinkHonestly, a session IPA w/ friends and teammates; sometimes a Coke; Gu Brew/Gu Brew Roctane.

I'm a teacher at a high school in Connecticut. I have been a life-long swimmer, was a division 1 rower in college, and have been involved in running, triathlon, swimming, and cycling in various ways since then. I have been riding bikes for over 20 years, and have always loved bike racing. Riding has always been a way to have fun, and sometimes as a way to race, whether in bike racing (I don't do that very often) and triathlons (which I prefer). In triathlons, I am usually one of the better swimmers, am a good runner, and can be a decent biker (my PR's are 4:55 for a 70.3, and 1:26 half marathon – if that matters). I'm a teacher and a coach at my school. I enjoy being a part of a team and helping others (it's really important as a teacher!), and I am good at helping others understand how things work. I am a good writer (I teach English). Normally, I am pretty humble, too – that's important as a coach and was also a really important part of the sports I did growing up, especially rowing, where you are just another guy in the boat, but also in swimming, cross-country, and team sports (I also played lacrosse and water polo). My wife, Amanda, is a much better triathlete than I am (she just raced Kona last week, and PR'd on that course in 10:42 – her Ironman PR is 10:11!!) and watching her compete has always been another cool way to experience the sport.

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