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08/17/2019 MV FIP sprints
07/22/2019 Southside Sprint
06/06/2019 Thursday Night Lights
05/07/2019 Tuesday Night Machinery Hill
04/13/2019 Gopher Omnium

Piroum Yann

St.Paul, Minnesota

Bucket List RaceRed Hook Crit
Post-Race DrinkHammer Recoverite and Chocolate milk

I am a local novice racer and team mechanic trying to get my foot in the door. If I'm not racing them I am at work at a Erik's Bike shop at the Assistant service manager. I mostly race the track here in Minnesota and have a season under my belt and upgraded my category last year. I want to get into road racing when I have the time to if I'm not at the shop wrenching away.

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