ENVE Racing

Taylor Huseman

Milford, IA 51351, Iowa | https://www.okobojiexpedition.com/

Main FocusDuathlon, Triathlon, Crit,
Bucket List RaceTour de California
Post-Race Drink226ER

I am a professional Triathlete and Duathlete who has a high end bike shop located in Okoboji, IA. There, I train, coach, and guide athletes of all ages and disciplines to be the best they can be, and find a passions for their sport of choice. I was involved in a serious cycling accident when I was 18, which lead me to the sport of triathlon. I competed at the DI level for track and cross country, and after, turned back to triathlon and the starting my own cycling shop. I love racing all the local and national races, seeing people succeed in their goals, and of course, riding fast. My wife and I moved to Southern California for the winter month to continue high levels of training. It is rather difficult in Iowa to ride in 25 inches of snow and sub0 temperatures. As far as my shop goes, our riders come to s knowing that what I ride is what they want, and in the last 3 years, we have gone from 1 enve wheelset sale to over 25! Now 25 may seem like a small number, but when you're in a community as small as ours, that means 95% of our road riders are on ENVE wheels and components. We love it, and so do they! Below, I will attach my personal Social media accounts, but really, I do much more with our shop related account. I encourage you to check those out.

FB: Okoboji Expedition Company
IG: Okoboji Bike
Twitter: OkobojiCycling

It is nearly impossible to tell everything about me here, but I do have a few other things to mention. I am the strength and conditioning coach for my local HS and middle school, track coach for the MS, and assitant for the HS, have one of the most successful wahoo kickr studios in the nations, and am also a music and business minor, where I play saxophone, teach music lessons, and play for weddings. I coach endurance atheltes for Spokes Performance Coaching, and continue to work in the US and international cycling industry.