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09/16/2018 4.14

Fernando MartinVazquez

Zürich, Switzerland

Main FocusTriathlon, Open water swimming
Bucket List RaceIronman Hawaii 70.3
Post-Race DrinkSparkling Water

Born in the North coast of Spain, grew up in constant contact with nature, specially the sea. I did my degree in Architecture in Madrid and as I finished in 2015 I moved to Switzerland. I speak Spanish, English, German and Italian.
Up to this point I hardly did sport, but suddenly after settling in Zurich, I found a new motivating environment that made me change. I started with running, then cycling and finally retook swimming, luckily I conserved some crawling skills from my childhood/adolescence.
Nowadays I can't understand my life anymore without sport. It keeps me balanced. I need at least a daily dose of sport, even I plan my holidays in a way to do some cycling or open water swimming.
I started with Luzern´s half marathon in 2016 and just run Berlin Marathon a month ago. Right now I am trained to do a 70.3 Ironman, just waiting to do the right one.

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