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Past Races

08/25/2019 Stafford Lake Dual Slalom #1 3
07/13/2019 Mt Shasta Enduro 12
06/15/2019 Mammoth Bar Enduro 2
05/04/2019 Old Cabin Classic 31

Andrew Waite

Novato, California | http://mtbclimber.com

Main FocusMountain Biking
Post-Race DrinkBeer - preferably something from Snake River Brewing.
Off-Day ActivityHanging out at my LBS

Exclusively a Mountain Biker. Started in 1988 in Jackson, WY. Living in Marin County, CA now. Work at Salesforce, tech company in San Francisco. Member of multiple local ride groups. Started racing in 2015. Love to travel, try to ride wherever I go.

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