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Past Races

10/15/2022 BT Epic
Race Recap
10/19/2019 Berryman Epic MTB Race 2nd Place - Clyde
08/11/2019 Breck Epic 2nd Place - Clyde
02/09/2019 Snake Creek Gap MTB TT (Race 2) !st Place - Clyde

Christian Hon

Wildwood, Missouri

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceWas Breck Epic but I did it last year. Probably Pisgah Epic and BC Bike Race
Post-Race DrinkCarboRocket immediately after followed by a good IPA (partial to DeSchutes IPAs right now)
Off-Day ActivityTrail builds!

Avid cyclist that primarily rides / races MTB all over the country. A sales manager for a large software company with a wife and 3 daughters that are incredibly supportive of my biking “habit”. Cat 1 racer - around 6000mi per year, mostly MTB and ENVE diehard for the last 7 years. There’s no other wheel that’s come close to standing up to the rigors of our rooty and rocky trails like my ENVE. Currently own 5 sets on 5 bikes.