ENVE Racing

Past Races

09/02/2019 Green Mountain Stage Race Cat 2 Day 4: Criterium
09/01/2019 Green Mountain Stage Race Cat 2 Day 3: Road Race 16/61, 4th GC
08/31/2019 Green Mountain Stage Race Cat 2 Day 2: Circuit Race 1st!/61
08/30/2019 Green Mountain Stage Race Cat 2 Day 1: TT 18/61:
08/04/2019 Lewiston-Auburn Maine Criterium Champs 2nd (1st for Maine!)
07/21/2019 Yarmouth Clam Festival 5/73 (Breakaway)
07/09/2019 Exeter Classic Crit DNF (Crashed out)
06/14/2019 CCNS Kermis 16/31
06/09/2019 Purgatory Road Race 33/57 (Crashed)
06/02/2019 Wellfleet Triathlon 1st Overall
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Zev Myerowitz

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceKona (Done 2x), Challenge Roth, Climb up from sea level to Mauna Kea Observatory
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk

I am a chiropractor specializing in Sport Science Human Performance who is also a triathlete and cyclist. In the last two seasons I have been overall winner in two separate 70.3 races, qualified and raced at Kona twice, made the climb from Cat 5 to (almost) Cat 1, and balance a busy job as Medical Director and proud father and husband. I stress leaving a full but balanced life. In addition to being a chiropractor and acupuncturist, I am board certified in sports science and human performance and am a certified strength and conditioning specialist. I specialize in endurance sports in my practice and care for a variety of athletes.