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08/10/2019 Leadville 100

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03/30/2019 Austin Rattler 100k
12/16/2018 U23 Cyclocross Nationals
12/14/2018 Collegiate Cyclocross Nationals
12/08/2018 Bervard Collegiate Cyclocross
11/24/2018 JHOP 100 Century Race
11/10/2018 King Collegiate Cyclocross
11/03/2018 Georgia Gravel Grinduro
10/28/2018 Cross the Harpeth 1st
10/27/2018 Cincy Cross 10th

Tyler Junkins

Winter Park, Florida | tylerjunkins.com

Bucket List RaceLeadville 100 mtb
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk

I am a mountain, cross, road and gravel racer form Orlando, FL. I’ve been racing for 5 years and I am currently racing for Lindsey Wilson College and F2 Performance. I’ve always been open to any type of racing no matter what it is. I’ve always been a good endurance racer but I am still competitive in all disciplines.

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