ENVE Racing

Past Races

03/14/2020 Land Run 100
02/01/2020 Oklahoma Gravel Growler
08/17/2019 Gravel Worlds
Race Recap
38/93 - 30-39 mens open
03/16/2019 Land Run 100 117/997 overall, 37/248 30-30 mens open.

Brian Bickell

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Main FocusGravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceTour Divide
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk, Skratch Recovery
Off-Day ActivityWorking on the ranch

I'm an odd duck out in Oklahoma who races ultra distance gravel racing, owns a horse ranch and works as a director at a consultancy. I promise to ride in weird places on red dirt, get rowdy, eat dubious gas station food and post about it on Instagram for the team.