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02/10/2019 Unfinished Business - FixedgearFridays
01/13/2019 Jordan's Crit - FixedgearFridays 13th

Brian Lopez

Panorama City, California

Main FocusFixed gear/track
Bucket List RaceAll Redhook locations, Mission crit, and at least top 10 in Le Tour de France
Post-Race DrinkGreen tea Arizona b

I come from the San Fernando Valley and I am a proud rider of my community. I often times go to rides out in LA such as Chieflunes and kushtownsociety. I don’t quite consider myself fast but I may also be selling myself short. The fastest I’ve ever gone off my own power is 45, but I don’t have any proof, just witnesses. Going down Porter Ranch I managed to hit 67 racing my friend Nate, the reason I know this is bc my friends from a ride called F?TFVCKS saw the speedometer when I passed by and according to them we went 67. I also own a cinelli mash parallax and ride a 50x14 ratio :) I’ve been riding for two years and have never won an actual race, just friendly races. I may not be the brightest bulb in the room but you can bet your behind I’ll be the last one to turn off.

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