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Past Races

10/22/2022 Big Sugar
09/24/2022 Belgian Waffle Ride Utah
08/13/2022 Leadville Trail 100
07/30/2022 Telluride 100
06/18/2022 Funk Botttoms
06/04/2022 Wilmington White Face mtb Leadville Qualifier
05/21/2022 Whiskey Rebellion 130 mile Gravel Race
10/23/2021 Big Sugar 100
08/14/2021 Leadville 100
07/30/2021 Leadville Stage Race
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Bodo Knudsen

Dublin, Ohio | https://wexnermedical.osu.edu/urology/kidney-stones

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceLeadville MTB Trail 100 is A event for 2023; Cape Epic remains on the Bucket List
Post-Race DrinkSkratch Labs recovery
Off-Day ActivityYoga

Surgeon at The Ohio State University specializing in kidney stone disease. I have a passion for endurance cycling and have been an Enve user for over 10 years. My primary focus is XC and endurance mountain biking. I'm now a 3-Time Leadville Trail 100 finisher and 2-time Leadville Stage Race participant. I've improved each year in Leadville and came within 1 min and 12 sec of breaking sub-9 this. 2023 will be the year to go Sub-9. I've also done some major gravel events and will be returing to Big Sugar in Bentonville later in October. My primary social media platform is Twitter where I try and promote both medical and endurance cycling topics with a focus on #Wellness.