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09/24/2022 Belgian Waffle Ride Utah
08/27/2022 Vermont Overland
04/30/2022 Rasputitsa
03/12/2022 MidSouth 100
10/10/2021 UnPAved
10/02/2021 Vermont Rare Gravel
08/22/2021 Vermont Overland
08/14/2021 Central Maine Cycling Challenge
06/19/2021 Bond Brook Tread Fest XC
06/05/2021 Wilmington Whiteface MTB
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Dan Leland

Falmouth, Maine | www.activemindedprofessor.com

Main FocusGravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceRebecca's Private Idaho
Post-Race DrinkDale's Pale Ale
Off-Day ActivitySkiing and hiking with my wife

Economics and Finance Professor. Husband, Father, Grandfather...... Bikes, Beers, and Burritos