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11/22/2020 Route 66 Marathon
11/21/2020 Route 66
10/24/2020 Big Sugar
08/22/2020 Gravel Worlds
08/02/2020 Crystal Bridges Grinduro
07/19/2020 Eurekan Multisport Challenge - 10K Run
07/18/2020 Eurekan Multisport Challenge - 100 Mile Bike
07/17/2020 Eurekan Multisport Challenge - Super Sprint Triathlon
05/31/2020 Ironman Tulsa
Race Recap
05/02/2020 Chinkapin Hollow Gravel Race
Race Recap
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Mike Wadley

Bentonville, Arkansas

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceUnbound, Mid South, IM 70.3 Worlds, Rift Gravel Race
Post-Race DrinkIce cold Coke and then an IPA.
Off-Day ActivityDue to injury, I’ve had a lot of days off. Currently working on my daughter’s farm any chance I get

I’ve been married for 37 years and have 3 daughters. I started riding mountain bikes at age 50 which grew into racing. To improve my racing, I started riding a road bike. In the off season my coach talked me into trying a triathlon. 3 years later, I’m an avid triathlete and planning to complete my 7th IM event and 2nd Full IM in Tulsa. I have also transition MTBing to Gravel and have signed up for 3 100+ mile gravel races in 2020 ~ LandRun 100, Big Sugar, and Chinkapin Hollow with a few more shorter ones in the works. I’m in my fourth year with the Wattie/Plush, fifth year with Food 1st Fitness, and third year with Fxck Cancer.