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07/12/2020 Ironman UK
06/07/2020 Outlaw Half Bowood
04/12/2020 Draycote Water Half Marathon

Rob Tottle

Banbury, United Kingdom | www.hillsidecoaching.co.uk

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championships
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk

Cycling is my passion, it started as a child riding my bike around the garden, out on the bike with my Dad and has developed over the years.

My first clear memory of professional cycling was watching Le Tour de France in 1991 and seeing Miguel Induráin, of Team Banesto, take on Greg Lemond (the big favourite) and despite all the doubters he went on and won. This started his journey to dominance at Le Tour de France, with 5 consecutive wins (‘91 to ‘95) & 2 Giro d'Italia’s and ignited a deep passion in me and has ensured I have never missed a Le Tour de France since.

In 2016 I decided it was time to do something new and take on a challenge, that at the time I seriously questioned whether or not I could complete it, the Prudential Ride London 100.

To give a bit of context as to why this was such a challenge I give you exhibit A………

This was where my journey began, one that took me from a 17.5st (111kg) sedentary office worker to an extremely active 11st (70kg) cyclist, who has represented Great Britain twice at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships (‘18 & ‘19), qualified as a coach and become a part time runner.

The first time I got back on a bike, my passion for taking part in the sport I enjoyed watching came flooding back, the freedom and excitement was exhilarating.