ENVE Racing

Brandon Gildenstern

Jacksonville, Florida

Bucket List RaceSwissman
Post-Race DrinkTriple berry oat smoothie from Tropical smoothie.

Going up I played sports like hockey and soccer but I was fairly overweight so I was never really that good. When I turned 20 I decided to turn my life around and got into fitness. Although a part of me always loved it, the sport took its toll on me mentally and developed depression and an eating disorder. After battling for a few years I decided I needed a change and went for the opposite sport of triathlon and never looked back. I fell in love with triathlon and more importantly, fell in love with life again. Since then I fully dedicated to the sport and love training, racing and taking part in the community. I have since met the love of my life while racing in St. George and sparked a move from Vancouver Canada all the way down south to Jacksonville Florida. Although I miss the mountains we are planning on moving sooner than later to the midwest where we met so Enve being a Utah company certainly catches my eye.

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