ENVE Racing

Past Races

09/03/2022 Park City: Point 2 Point
07/09/2022 Crusher in the Tushar
03/12/2022 True Grit 50 1st 30-39 Male
03/14/2020 True Grit Epic 50 Pulled out due to extreme mud

Mike Weber

South Jordan, Utah

Main FocusMountain Biking
Bucket List RaceCape Epic
Post-Race DrinkCarborocket Rehab
Off-Day ActivityGravel and yoga

I've been back mountain biking since 2015 and have been active in racing for the past two years. I was racing enduro mountain biking but since 2018 I have focused on endurance racing and I've found my true passion with this. I embrace the training and love the racing.