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Past Races

09/24/2022 Lidingöloppet 30k 600/5930
08/21/2022 Maridalsvannet rundt 12k 7/173 o.a.
08/14/2022 Korketrekkern. Corkscrew vertical run https://oslolopsfestival.no/lopp/ 11/150 o.a.
07/09/2022 Kolmårdsrundan Kvarsebo 2/20
06/18/2022 https://bootcamphonefoss.no/chickenrace
Race Recap
7/96 o.a.
06/12/2022 Ullevålseter 25k https://oslolopsfestival.no/lopp/ostmarka-21km/
Race Recap
10/159 o.a.
05/19/2022 Mærradalen opp relay https://www.roail.no/portal/arego/club/1244/news/9450861
Race Recap
05/15/2022 https://oslolopsfestival.no/lopp/noklevann-rundt/ 16/276 o.a.
05/14/2022 https://holmenkollstafetten.no/en/ 05:11
04/27/2022 https://oslolopsfestival.no/lopp/alna-elven-ned/
Race Recap
8/333 o.a.
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Andreas Berbu

0767, Norway | strava.com/athletes/1190722

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Road Running, Trail Running, Cyclocross, Skiing
Post-Race DrinkFat tire amber ale

Competing in various sports, running, triathlon, mountain biking, cyclocross, xc running, xc skiing, ski-mountaineering and road bike. I have a background from XC skiing in my high-school years which gave me an opportunity to join the University of New Mexico ski team in 1997. I came back to Norway for work in 2001 and have been in Trondheim and Oslo since then. I became interested in triathlon racing in 2006, resulting in a black t-shirt finish in the Norseman Extreme Triathlon @nxtri. In 2007 I picked up Ski Mountaineering an as interesting new challenge and I really enjoyed it. Last 5 years I have mainly raced in Running and Mountain biking, but i also wish to do some triathlons. Being part of a very active family and we love being outdoors. My strava profile: https://www.strava.com/athletes/1190722.