ENVE Racing

Enrique Marquez Paris

Sherman Oaks, California

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship / Ironman Dubai 70.3
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk

My every day revolves into Tech, Music & Sports. Three worlds that might be entirely different, but in reality, they all feed on each other.

Tech and Music are the areas where I make a living. I work at Spotify,

Additionally, to working with music, I'm a musician who has toured professionally for over ten years and understands how impactful and meaningful it is to create something that is unique and stands out from the rest.

And there's triathlon... which has become essential to my life. I've been doing tris for almost three years now, so I'm relatively new to this sport, but I've always been very competitive. That drive had landed various podiums, overall wins, a spot at the National Championship, and a sub-5 hours finisher at 70.3 and a 10-hour finisher at the Ironman distance.