ENVE Racing

Jesse Sutton

San Diego ca , California

Main FocusMountain Biking
Bucket List RaceBWR San Marcos ca , Trans Rockies classic or Bc bike race
Post-Race DrinkWater , gel maybe chocolate milk
Off-Day ActivityPaddle board , swim , hiking or fishing 2017 did 52 hikes in 52 weeks that was a fun challenge.

Hello I’m Jesse I’m from Southern California. In the late 90s I started Bmx racing and Continued to do
That tell 2001 when my son was born. Then in 2008 he started racing We did that tell 2012. I’ve had three major concussions. So jumping big and fast I can no longer do. Although I’ve found competing in gravel and road races is something very fun. Yet to compete in an actual race but do a lot of fun rides and always come up top. This year I plan to compete in lots of styles of racing. I see some MTb enduro, single speed Mtb , and working on my gravel build for BWR 2021 in San Marcos Ca. I love the story of a race . Hearing the ups and downs. It’s always been a thing you may not be first hopefully not last wherever you stood let’s make faster then the last. Coaching my boys racing and jumping is so fun . Although competing is in my blood. It’s all about going faster then before.