ENVE Racing

Past Races

06/24/2021 British Track Masters

Wayne Bridger

Epping, United Kingdom | https://www.lookmumonehand.com

Main FocusTrack Cycling
Bucket List RaceMasters National 2km pursuit & para C5 4km pursuit
Post-Race DrinkStealth recovery drink
Off-Day ActivityReform pilates

Disabled rider that focuses on Road Riding and Track pursuit... With 2021 just beginning to start with COVID restrictions being relaxed the plans are now about focusing on returning to decent fitness levels, after serious injury, and in particular attempting the track 2km pursuit at Masters National level in Sept 21. Some real hard graft, dedication and with the continued inspiration from the team members at ENVE Racing I should see some returning performance... It won't be for the want of trying..!!! Oh... and some luck and avoidance of tumbles.

I have a web page that I document my training journey and rides www.lookmumonehand.com