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10/29/2022 Wisconsin Cyclocross Series Racing
Race Recap
09/24/2022 Belgian Waffle Ride Utah
09/17/2022 12 Hours of Bradbury Mountain
09/16/2022 Chequamegon MTB Festival
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top 3rd
09/01/2022 Wisconsin Cyclocross Series
08/20/2022 Race Across Wisconsin
08/13/2022 Ore to Shore
Race Recap
08/13/2022 Ore to Shore
Race Recap
07/09/2022 Crusher in the Tushar
Race Recap
DNF: broken hanger
06/04/2022 Unbound Gravel
Race Recap
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Reed Cornia

Madison, Wisconsin | cornialaw.com

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Climbing
Bucket List RaceRebecca's Private Idaho, The Rift
Post-Race DrinkWater, cold diet Coke

Born in Ogden, Ut, and raised in Orem, UT (with a few years in Ohio and North Carolina), close to the mouth of Provo Canyon. I cut my teeth racing road events in Utah in the early 1990s. I started racing cyclocross in 1996, while living in Logan, UT. I have continued that passion since then (my best finish was bronze at either the 1996 or 1997 Utah State Championships at the point of the mountain; granted back then, there were quite a bit fewer of us racing the discipline).
I am an active participant in the Wisconsin Cycling Association's Cyclocross series and have strong ties to the cyclocross community in Wisconsin and the road racing community in Madison, WI. I continue to support cycling in Utah by attending the Crusher in the Tushars as much as I can (Burke and my younger brother were best friends in Junior and Senior High School and Burke did a lot for my brother, so I will support him as best I can). I have started in the last couple of years to race long-distance gravel and MTB races such as Unbound, Ore-to-Shore, Chequamegon MTB Festival, among others.
I fully recognize that I am, at 51 years old and 30 pounds heavier than in my earlier days of racing, not the ideal candidate if you are looking for race results.