ENVE Racing

Past Races

10/23/2021 Big Sugar 100 326
08/08/2021 Round and Round the Underground 1st age group Female 40-50
07/10/2021 The Epic 3rd place female
06/05/2021 Dirty Kanza 200 571
05/15/2021 Humphrey's Gravel Grinder
Race Recap
1st place female
03/13/2021 Mid South 100 Incredible Socially Distant
10/25/2020 Chinkapin Hollow Gravel Grinder 3rd Place Women’s
10/18/2020 Pumpkin Holler Gravel Smasher 3rd place Women’s
03/14/2020 Land Run 100
Race Recap
02/01/2020 Oklahoma Gravel Growler 2nd Women’s Masters

Kristy Ross

Locust Grove , Oklahoma

Main FocusGravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceBelgium Waffle Ride and The Rift
Post-Race DrinkBlue-Moon and recovery shakes
Off-Day ActivityStrength training/hiking

Love creating routes to explore. Active Cherokee, married with twenty-three year old twins and a fourteen year old. Maintain a cattle ranch in Oklahoma and work as a school counselor.