ENVE Racing

Kristin Goett

Denver, Colorado

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceNorseman
Post-Race DrinkIce cold coca-cola

I'm an 7x Ironman podium finisher and just qualified for Kona 2020. Rachel Joyce is my coach and I've been riding Enves (at times, her Enves) for 2+ years now and I absolutely love my 4.5's. I love all distances of triathlon, but I have a passion for Ironman-distance as I think it's the only distance where you really find out what you're made of - there's no faking it in an Ironman. When I'm not training, I'm the Assistant Director of Digital Philanthropy at the University of Denver and I am deeply involved in volunteerism and fundraising projects here in Denver. I also have two cats (very important)!