ENVE Racing

Past Races

08/15/2020 Mid Atlantic 24 hour RAAM Qualifier
07/18/2020 Tidewater Triathlon
06/06/2020 Dam Yeti 50 miler
04/25/2020 Biffledinked 10x5k
04/04/2020 Tap2Tap 50 miler
03/22/2020 Shamrock half marathon Canceled
03/13/2020 Florida Ultra Dualthlon
Race Recap

Jordan Smith

SUFFOLK, Virginia

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceWestern States 100; Race Across America
Post-Race DrinkCan I say beer? If not, chocolate milk
Off-Day ActivityTrain Photography and Amateur Radio

I work in IT for the Navy to pay for my cycling habit.
I am a permanent Clydesdale and back of the pack endurance athlete.
I am starting my forth year of this fun. Hopefully, this year I will accomplish my original goal of losing weight.
I like to flirt with aid station attendants and cut off times.
I like to see how far I can go while training the smallest amount.
I have two huskies and a wife.