ENVE Racing

Kyle Cronin

Santa Cruz, California

Main FocusMountain Biking
Bucket List RaceTDS Enduro (you don't understand until you've been there). Best Enduro Race Ever.
Post-Race Drinkprotein shake/beer
Off-Day Activityrock climbing

I am an American enduro and freeride mountain biker from sunny and currently dusty Santa Cruz, California. I compete state-wide, and will be competing nationally and internationally in 2020.
I grew up racing BMX, cross country, and downhill. While I love every aspect of racing, I have fully committed to going FULL ENDURO! I love where racing has grown, and I am enjoying being a part of such a tight and welcoming community, meeting great people along the way, and vying amongst amazingly intense competitors.
At the end of this season, my highlights were two 1st places finishes, and one 2nd place in CAT 1. I am in constant pursuit of becoming a top Enduro rider and plan to race either Pro or stay in CAT 1 for 2020.