ENVE Racing

J.T. Kirtley

Austin, Texas

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceAthens Twilight Criterium

Hi! I’m 44 year old masters racer out of Austin, Texas and am excited about the prospect of racing with this club! I’ve been a LONG time fan of ENVE and when a buddy of mine, Ryan Coover, sent over info about this program, I couldn’t wait to apply.

I’m a committed road and criterium racer here in Austin. My racing program for the 2020 season includes a full season at the Driveway Series, local Central Texas criterium and road races, as well as travel dates that will include Tulsa, Oklahoma City, TOAD, El Paso and the Gateway Cup in St. Louis.

I’m in that “dad” category with an older son, which now allows me to refocus on my own racing goals. I’ve been a competitive Cat 4 racer for a long time and happy just having fun in those ranks, but this year I’ve got a coach, and nutritionist, and am looking forward to seeing what I can do with the right equipment and support.

I would be a highly active and enthusiastic member of your club If selected. Thanks in advance!