ENVE Racing

Caleb Carl

Boulder, Colorado | https://m.twitch.tv/calebcarlcycling

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Adventure Racing
Bucket List RaceI would love to do RAAM or the TransAm race. USAC Road Race Nationals.
Post-Race DrinkBlended up watermelon haha. I love that stuff
Off-Day ActivityI'm getting into running. I like to explore stuff.

I am a former national ultradistance time trialist turned usac racer and e-racer on zwift. I traveled the US and entered double century stage races and did many randonneuring ultradistance races with RUSA for about 3.5 years before racing in the USAC categories.

In about 11 USAC races I went from cat 5 to cat 2, but then covid hit and haven't raced much since.

Instead, I began exploring e-racing on zwift. I made 2nd place on the Joe Martin Stage Race stage 3 and have a steady stream that I go live on almost daily, race hard, and interact with the viewers.

I look forward to getting back to racing USAC, but I will always do e-racing, and maybe one day I'll go back to ultradistance, but I like the stuff I'm exploring right now.