ENVE Racing

Past Races

08/15/2021 Belgian Waffle Ride Arizona 16/65 in age group
07/31/2021 NedGravel 106k 7/9
02/06/2021 Old Man Winter 100k 3hr

Lisa Jancy

Boulder, Colorado

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Yoga
Bucket List RaceRebecca's Private Idaho
Post-Race DrinkSkratch Labs Recovery horchata
Off-Day ActivityYoga typically or a hike.

I'm Lisa, I moved to Colorado to have more access to nature and cycling long and windy roads. My cycling background began when I raced criteriums, then I discovered cyclocross. Cyclocross became my main cycling passion for many years as I worked my way into UCI races. After moving to Colorado, my enjoyment for riding elevated. I love riding gravel roads and gravel adventures with my friends.

I'm also a yoga teacher and Skratch Labs Ambassador my practice keeps me grounded and in-tune.

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Roll on and Namaste!