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11/05/2022 Austin Rattler MTB

Past Races

09/10/2022 Lotoja 10/52
07/09/2022 Crusher in the Tushar 389/519
06/25/2022 Enve Grodeo n/a

Tristan Baird

Smithfield, Utah

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Skiing
Bucket List RaceUnbound
Post-Race DrinkTruMoo Chocolate Milk
Off-Day ActivityTaking online courses from LinkedIn Learning or listening to podcasts

My name is Tristan Baird, I grew up on the opposite side of the Wellsvilles from ENVE HQ in Smithfield. I began my racing career when I was 14 years old by signing up for Lotoja. I raced Lotoja solo from the time I was 14 until the time I was 17. Also during that time I moved up the ranks and found myself on multiple Lotoja category specific podiums. I also was a high school state swimmer and branched out into triathlons during the later part of high school. My senior year I raced the Half Ironman US Pro Championships in St. George, Utah and was the youngest athlete in the whole race by 5 years. After competing in such grueling racing events, I took a break from cycling to serve as a volunteer in South Korea, study at BYU, and study in Hong Kong. I have since returned to racing and this past season joined the 1000 mile club at Lotoja along with a 2nd place podium finish in Cat 5 with a time of 9:18:12. This upcoming season I am looking to expand my racing experience and take on races across multiple riding disciplines, namely road, gravel, marathon mountain, and CX. My target races for the upcoming season are True Grit, Leadville 100, Point2Point, Lotoja, High Unita, Steamboat Gravel, Wasatch All Road, and a mix of weekly race series tossed in throughout the season.