ENVE Racing

Past Races

11/05/2022 Austin Rattler MTB
09/17/2022 Barn Burner
08/13/2022 Leadville Trail 100
07/10/2022 Silver Rush 50
06/04/2022 24 Hours in the Canyon
05/01/2022 RK6 - Ronnie Kimbrell 6 Hour Event 1st Cat 1 OA
04/10/2022 Six Pack Outdoors Race Series - Merus Massacre 1st Cat 1 OA/AG
03/13/2022 Six Pack Outdoors Race Series - Buffalo Stampede 1st Cat 1 OA/AG

Jeramy Carney

Amarillo, Texas

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling
Bucket List Race(Sub-9) Leadville 100MTB, LeadBoat, Breck Epic
Post-Race DrinkCold Coke or Beer
Off-Day ActivityNICA Coaching, Church, riding with my sons and dad, spending time with my beautiful wife.

Currently, I am racing for a local XC/Gravel/Road Team - Six Pack Outdoors. Six Pack Outdoors is a non-profit organization that builds and maintains the trails systems in the Texas Panhandle, puts on local grass-roots XC racing points series (Six Pack Series), and is the most active group in promoting and enlarging our local cycling community. My primary focus is XC Marathon racing in the Leadville Race Series.

I am also the Head Coach for our local NICA interscholastic mountain bike team - Amarillo Yellowjackets. We have about 40 students for 2023 season ranging from 4th-12th grade including my 3 sons. Teaching kids bike skills is very important to me and I see it as an opportunity to pour into their lives and make life-time cyclist.

Being an ambassador for the cycling community is very important to me. I take pride in helping and teaching others about cycling, training, nutrition, racing, etc. I am teachable and enjoy learning anything about cycling, training, nutrition, racing etc. I like even more to teach others what I have learned or tell others about products I recommend based on what I learn. Along the journey I have learned so much that I actively share with others on their own cycling journey.

Past races included: SixPack Series (6 local XCO races), 2021 Gunnison Growler, 2021 24 Hours in the Canyon, 2021 Leadville Silver Rush, 2021 Leadville MTB Camp, 2021 Leadville MTB 100, 2021 Barn Burner 100, 2021 Goodnight’s Grind Gravel Race, Austin Rattler 2021

Upcoming races include: Austin Rattler 2023, 2023 SixPack Series (6 local XCO races), 2023 24 Hours in the Canyon, 2023 Leadville Silver Rush, 2023 Leadville MTB Camp, 2023 Leadville MTB 100, 2023 Barn Burner 100, 2023 Goodnight’s Grind Gravel Race, and possibly a few Epic Rides Races