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Boulder 70.3 Race Report

August 16, 2019 - Another successful and fun 70.3 in the books! 1st place age group by 17ish minutes!

Coming into the race, I felt excited, as I have been working with a new coach for the past 3 weeks who has really inspired me to take it to the next level.

I started in the 27-30 min group, thinking I would probably be around 30-31 min.  It was an oddly desolate swim, considering the huge number of athletes competing.  I felt good, but only managed to get a decent draft about 20-30% of the distance.  Much of the time I spent wondering where the other 2000 people were that I should be drafting off of!! 

Getting out, I found I exited right next to my hubby, Dean, who started 1 min behind me, but typically he beats me by at least 2 minutes, so I knew that was a good sign for my swim!  Plus, I didn’t push really hard and knew I had a lot more in me if needed. 


T1 was uneventful and I was excited to get rolling on my favorite leg.

Getting onto the bike, the legs just felt a bit flat, probably due to a minimalist taper for this race.  It improved after about 5-10 miles and I was wanting to really test myself and take myself to my limits to see what would happen.  I continued to push pretty hard on the bike, and found myself all alone on the course a lot!  I love being on a super populated bike course where I can benefit considerably from the microdrafts when you pass other riders, but the bikes were very few and far between after the first 15 miles.  I felt good for about 40-45 miles and then I actually started feeling fatigued (very rare for me on the bike).  I wasn’t surprised as I had been pushing pretty hard until that point. I did have multiple moments feeling grateful for my ability to participate in this sport and at this level and thanked a lot of the officers and volunteers along the way.


T2:  As is typical for me…not my best transition as I’m not in a hurry.  


Run:  I started out at a hard effort as per my coach's instructions.  I decided to race in my new Nike shoes, but failed to test them out on a trail beforehand.  Wow…they are NOT trail shoes!!  My feet were sliding all over the place when I stepped on the uneven dirt surface, but they were great on that tiny ½ mile stretch of pavement.  Too bad that was only 1 mile of the 13!  Regardless, I still focused on gratitude and putting it all out there to get me more fit for worlds in Nice.  I actually felt really good for a solid 8 miles as long as I focused on not twisting my ankles!  The wheels started to come off around mile 11.5 and I felt like I was bonking but still managed to get to the line with a nice cushion from my fellow age groupers.  


Overall, it was an excellent and beautiful day for a race in Boulder.  Can't wait to really test my fitness at sea level at the 70.3 Worlds next month!!


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