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Rebecca's Private Idaho

September 08, 2019 - This past week I rode Rebecca’s Private Idaho (102 mile Gravel Race). It was a grueling, beautiful, and epic race and I definitely plan on riding it again. 25th AG 87th OA 06:58:45

This past week I rode Rebecca’s Private Idaho (102 mile Gravel Race).  It was a grueling, beautiful, and epic race and I definitely plan on riding it again.


Going into race day I was excited to ride alongside the pros and gravel/ MTB legends such as the Queen of Pain, Rebecca Rusch, herself.


The day started off cold and dusty.  With so much excitement in the group, many took off too quickly and tried to keep up with the pros pulling the pace.  Following the initial 2,000ft climb in the first ten miles of the race, I realized I needed to step it back otherwise I’d quickly crack.


Thankfully I found a group to ride with after the descent along a false flat descent with a tail wind that found us screaming along at 25-30 mph.


Around mile 30, I found myself in my pain cave trying to hold the wheel of some incredibly fast ride (no free ride).  It was there that I found my mojo and it brought me back from the brink.


From there I gutted it out, intermittently solo against headwinds and pushed for a finish that I’m content with for this year. Along the way I rode with Neil Shirley (ENVE pro), then got dropped by Neil Shirley as he yells: “You’re a badass.”  This was mile 80 along a new “gravel”/single-track like sector labeled “El Diablito,” meant to crush you ahead of the last few miles of the race.


I want to thank ENVE and AJ Baucco for the unstoppable gravel wheels that provided me a smooth ride over rough terrain.  Those wheels handled everything with ease! 

I would highly recommend this race to anyone looking for a fun adventure out west.  Idaho is an undiscovered gem, and the small-town feel of the race will keep me coming back.  Looking forward to training for the stage race next year.

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