ENVE Racing

Mixed weather conditions.

Unusual day for a PR.

 Ironman Atlantic City 70.3 is a local race for me so check in and bike drop off happen in about an hour and then back home for fueling and sleep.

The weather report for the race was mixed. Rain/thunderstorms early followed by slowly clearing skies later.I decided to put my run gear in a bag to keep everything dry, but I didn't bother with the bike stuff because of the forecast. Sure enough, shortly before the swim start, some light rain began to fall and then word spread of a delay due to lightning in the area.

We finally started the rolling swim about 30 minutes late. I ended getting pushed further back in the start corral so I was grouped in with some slower swimmers. I had a decent swim although I feel like I left some time out there. 

The bike started off wet and stayed that way for most of the 56 miles. I had a strange mechanical issue ath the start. My E-Tap wouldn't shift to the big ring. I chose to hop off of the bike to try and fix it. Since the rear was shifting, I fugured that it had to be an issue with the front derailleur. I took off the battery and wiped all of the terminals and put the battery back and fortunately it worked! Back in business with less than 2 minutes lost.

The bike course is a 2.5 loop on all closed roads so the only thing to worry about is your felloe competitors. This proved to be ad big a challenge as the rain. With so many people racing, the course was actually crowded and too many racers were less than careful about their bike handling. I got tired of yelling "ON YOUR LEFT!!!". Also since it was raining, the rim brakes on my carbon wheels were not as effective and everything required some extra planning to avoid collisions. There was definitely more time to be gained on this course in better conditions.

The run was a big question for me going into this race because of a strained calf and almost no run training for 4 weeks. It turned out that my calf held up very well and I had a decent run. The weather started to clear near the end of the bike so no rain but a lot of humidity for the run.

I ended the day in 244th place overall, 23rd in AG. The race was a PR for the 70.3 distance where the swim was not current assisted st 5:15:08.

Next stop KONA!

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