ENVE Racing

Tour De Scottsdale

2nd Big Race on the ENVE 4.2 AR nothing short of Exciting

The Tour De Scottsdale was nothing short of amazing.  This race was cancelled last year due to weather and road conditions.  With 2 years in preparation it was fantastic.  Getting there early I was placed in the B corral close to the front.  I managed to keep up with the 2nd lead pack going up Scottsdale Rd. For the first 30 miles.  Climbing is not my forte but managed to put in a descent showing  with a. 3:24 time.  The bike performed flawless with its new wheels. It held the speed in the descents and flats and pretty much "sung" to me the whole ride. The 52t ratchet upgrade just made it heard during the descents if not seen.   Such a great event and riding those wheels were a treat.  Onto the next Ironman 70.3 AZ...

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