ENVE Racing

Hot and crampy - ugh

October 21, 2019 - A great start on the swim and solid bike led to a hot cramping mess on the run

Looking back at this race, I have to be happier than upset as it lead me to re-evaluate my entire electrolyte strategy, a move that has yielded major improvements in races since this one.

I came up to chattanooga hoping the flat bike and run would without wetsuits would be to my favor. It was but the heat I have always struggled with vis a vis electrolytes and hydration. Long story short after almost 1.5 gallons of fluids over the race day and post race i was still 12 lbs lighter than i woke up. Bad news.

The swim is downcurrent and is the best I have felt in the water in a long time. The bike is a double loop flat where I was able to execute on staying low and aero, but i could feel power waning at the second half of loop 2. I had the first leg cramp on the run .5 mile in and it got worse on my way to a 1:30 run which scuttled the race times. But i will return 2020!

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