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Enve 4.5 AR AerVoltaire Bra!

Coming off last Sunday’s Tour de Scottsdale had my first Ironman 70.3 relay. One of the best endurance events I had ever participated in.

Coming last Sunday's Tour De Scottsdale I had my first IronMan 70.3 experience.  One of my best endurance events I had ever participated in.  Trully well put together event and support crew. The vibe, the athletes, and volunteers were super energetic and very encouraging.  I had been pulled into a team to do a relay.  It was trully an amazing experience.  Thank you to my teamates Damon Wood, Stewart Vaghti, Sherry Johnson, Kristy Stecker and Lisa Brown for putting this all together.  Team (The Worst Game of Tag Ever) TWGOTE, we weren't even in the top 20 after the swim, I managed to get us back to 11th after the bike, and finished 8th at the finish. A hugh comeback.  I had a blast and ready to climb the leader board next year.   

The custom 3T Strada worked flawless. I put clip on aero bars for this race and my setup was perfect.  The Enve 4.5 AR with Corsa 28mm TL performed beautifully.  The course had a lot of "out and back" and u turns that played to my riding style. Quickly coming into the turns and sprinting out of them is my strength.  Competitors in full Aero bikes and disk wheels were the only ones to pass me...Thanks also to Hammer Nutrition I was able to sustain a solid effort throughout my ride without cramping.  What an inspiring event.

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