ENVE Racing

Frost Bottom Short Course

January 12, 2020 - Out and Back Fat Bike Race in Anchorage AK. This year brought below zero temps and some funky snow.

2020 Edition surely live up to the events name with temps dipping in to the negative double digits with the average being -18.  I saw my computer read -21 before it froze up and shut down.  This race takes place in Anchorage Alaska on the city's multi-use trails.  While I mostly use this event to see where my fitness is at, I always like to at least have a good showing.   One thing about winter racing is trying to keep your hydration from freezing up, this year everything froze up pretty quickly.  The lead group was moving pretty fast with six riders in the pack and they were doing a good job working together with an average speed of 13 mph.  The snow was odd this year as cold as it was there was a lot more rolling resistance than usual.  I spent a majority of the race in no man land rolling solo averaging around 10 mph.  The race finishes with a long winding climb and for me if there is anyone close, this is where I get passed.  Fortunately the rider that was behind me was in the same boat named exhausted, and I was able to keep head of him for a finishing time of 2:28 and 12th place out of 76 riders.  

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