ENVE Racing

Chevron Houston Marathon

January 21, 2020 - My aim is to run less 4 hour. Yes, the weather is perfect with 40 to 50 degree F with a wind chill and windy beginning on mile 15..I guess... I am following my friends pacing the 3:50 pacer group and am feeling great on the first few miles but decided to ease off a bit because its still way to early to get crazy running fast on my usual pace. Anyway, to cut it short my plan didn't pan out. I got drained on my mile 16 and here we go. My run begin to be an IM pace !like after the bike when you do triathlon race. :)Yep, I finished the race feeling good but not the time that I wanted. More training in running next time. Yes, more and more training. Next goal is my race A which is IM Texas and B Galveston prior to full. Never give up!