ENVE Racing

Rain, Mud, COVID-19

Worst conditions they ever had for this race.

I was really looking forward to this race and even went over a few weeks early to preride the course.  I knew how difficult this course was on a dry day and with over a inch of rain Friday night the back half of the course was going to be VERY difficult.  I was up dressed and ready to head to the starting line but watching the news there was an active thunderstorm with lightning thru the early part of the morning with rains moving out toward noon.  Reluctlantly with the advice of my coach and team, we decided not to attempt the ride.  Honostly, I didn't have the bike set up for the amount of rain and mud that was on the course and I knew I would destroy my bike if I attempted the ride.  Although it was ultimately the right decision, it's the first time I have ever had a DNS/DNF for a race.  Assuming they don't get cancelled, I still have 2 other 100+ mile gravel races to look forward too.

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