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Eversting Montezuma's Revenge

July 15, 2020 - Comparison to other events.

Down and dirty review of my ride over 5 miles high.

As you probably know, as we age we slow down. There is no way to compare this ride to racing a crit, running a mile or even a 40K TT. These are all out events for minutes or an hour.

A marathon or half Ironman? Nope, you red line for just a few hours. Controlled effort just below the above efforts.

An Ironman? I used the Ironman distances and times for motivation. 2.4 mile swim was my 1st hour warm up. 2000 feet and 11.7 miles. Up next the 56 mile ride to the turnaround. I planned to do 4 hours before taking a 5-10 minute break and was able to do that about 45 miles and 8000 feet.

Next goal was 80 miles. For some reason I needed something before the century to shoot for and take a break. After that was 100 miles, 114 miles (the end of the bike in the Ironman) and 125 miles. 

Of course the Ironman is 140.6 miles so that was my next stop which is between 10-11 hours in the race. Everesting became just ride, just survive. No need to push, just pedal.


This didn't compare to Dirty Kanza either, as that is a race for wheels in the 1st 50+ miles or Leadville as both of those were competitions against a clock.


If you've done a 24 hour relay or Hood to Coast, those were races too. You go hard for your leg and then rest and do it again. 


The closest thing I can compare this to was when I did Rim2Rim2Rim. It was a long day running but only 2 hills. The goal was just to finish it, not race, don't get hurt and keep my wits by staying hydrated and fueled. 


I also thought of it kinda like doing laps in a pool, but without a straight black line or flip turns.

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