ENVE Racing

Hico, TX

May 24, 2021 - 155 mile gravel grinder

Great 1st time event tuneup for Unbound (Dirty Kanza) in 2 weeks. Lots of Pros (won by ten Dam 30 ticks up on Strickland), pouring rain, a river crossing with ropes, and the 3 B's and La Loca Hills. Fortunately it only rained during the last half and the surface was never muddy, just mucky and mostly hard and a little slick in spots. After the 8 mile neutral start to the river crossing; 2 rope lines across the knee deep water, I lost the lead group, but gathered others over the next hour to a group of between 12-16 over time. After the 78 mile feed the group went down to about 6-8 and then to 4-5 after the last feed at mile 120. I caught 1 poor guy having chain issues and we rode together until the last river crossing at mile 135 where he threw his chain again. I soloed in from there in a just over 9 hours moving time. Took me 4 hours to clean my bike the next day.


Awesome work there! 155 mi is no small feat