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1st Ironman 70.3....not the last

June 10, 2021 - 23 of 89 in M34-39, 102nd in male, 109th overall of 1,000+

This is my first Official Ironman 70.3 race of my career. I have to say I'm more than happy with my results. My original goal was to break 6 hours, however I not only exceeded that but was much faster than I had set my strech goal of 5:45. My key take aways from this:

- Getting the fuel right for the race:

in T1: I took a Skratch energy bar and ate it while getting my shoes on. While yes, this did take some additional time to get done, I felt like this gave my body some time to settle down from the swim

During the Bike course, every 35 mins or so I took a SIS gel, sips of my bottle w/ SIS Beta fuel, sips of water. At every aid station i did try to grab 1 water bottle, and down as much gatorade as i could before the trash zone ended

in T2: I took a SIS gel to get ready for the run, and knowning that the next aid station wasn't for another 2-3 mi's, kept me fueled until then

During the Run, Mauten CAF gels, Water splash to the face, Redbull, Coke, Water, and some Gatorade made up the fuel for the run

- Pacing the bike and run:

For the most part, I did try to keep the bike spinning at a stable and comfortable cadence. The one thing that really messed me up is the front gearing not being able to go from small ring to big ring without shifting the rear mech all over the place. 

For the run, I focused on keeping the pace steady, lower heart rate at the start, and not take the pace of the people passing me. I told myself: "you guys do you, and I'm going to do me"

- Things to be better at:

Transitions: T1 was 8:27 and T2 was 5:07. I think the time that it took me to put socks on, spread my legs with AMP in T1 slowed me down a bit. 

Pushing the bike slightly more. I think I could have pushed the bike slightly faster: we're talking about 0.5 mph faster so not much faster, but over 56 mi: that's close to 20 mins (if my math is right?)

Run: for this, I need to perform more brick training at race pace. I did do an olympic tri the week before, and during this event on the run of 6.2 mi I did cramp, which tells me that I need to train and prep more for the run at the end.


This was a great first tri event that I've done, and I look forward to doing this next year (yep....signed up already). #irideenve #enveracingteam

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