Enve Racing

First race in Europe

October 29, 2018 - New 2019 goal.

So happy to be in the TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!! 

After a long off season due to a surgery, I´m back to training for an exciting race.

Finally I decided to do one of my bucket list races: Ironman Lanzarote. 

Almost 30 weeks, still al long way to go. But I have to build my fitness almost from zero after a complete stop.

If anyone has some tips and recommendations, more than welcome to received it.

The only obstacle that I can easy observe right now for my preparation is that I live in a very flat city and the bike course is everything but flat. What do you think about wahoo inclines and workouts for that? Do you think it will be the same? 

Right now I am focusing in strength work, and aerobic workouts. My heart rate is in the clouds. But very optimistic about muscle memory, this first two weeks the body is remembering the speed.

Excited to be part of this team!!!!!!!



GO FOR IT!!! and get a good COACH for that!!
Indoor training can put you in a strong condition and you can combine with some weight workouts in the gym..

I've got a syndrome where I had two tarsal coalitions so been teaching myself to run better for a while, just be patient and you've got this. My heart rate just over the course of 6 months has been a huge difference.

You want to trade cities cause all we've got here is mountains! (Park City, Utah). My earliest race is St. George 70.3 which has tons of hills. However Utah winters are brutal so I prepared entirely on a smart trainer, still had a hell of a race.

In the words of Kiipchoge, "Nothing is stronger than a peaceful mind". Keep up that high spirit and you've got this!

I broke my clavicle from a bike accident 3-years ago so I know exactly how it feels like to be on the sideline. The accident gave me a different perspective for sure.

This team is great!