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What a Race! Iceman Challange Gravel 86 miles

Taking on the challenge, preparing for the unknown and letting it all out there will take you closer to your inner core. And the value of friends is where real watts comes from!

This thing called sport is a lovely thing to have in one's life! As a larger guy that loves road racing and forcing breakaways and leaving it all out there, I feel I have a connection to Triatheletes too for the open long road, all alone is nothing that bothers me. Now swiming laps in a pool is antoher story for my early years of growing up on the north shore of Hawaii with Tom Morey givng me prorotypes of this thing called the Boogie Board, made water a place to play. So the respect I have for my friends that can run, swim and cycling always keeps pushing me to be better.  Thank you for this!

So in 2018 the Gravel bug bit me hard when I suppoerted 4 friends for the Dirty Kansas 200. For I use to CX race, but the nature of that sport really effected my back and with less and less road races happening, Gravel made the most logic.  For my first race in the Summer I used my CX bike with 35 tires. I got through the race (short course 35 miles) and finished 2nd.  But I knew I need the bike for this sport.

Speaking with ENVE and Jake who just finished testing out the G23 700c - these were the wheels to use with a 45mm front (28psi) and 38mm Rear (38psi).  I am 220 lbs on a TREK Check Point SL, four water bottles and handle bar bag in the front.

About 6 weeks before this Iceman Challange my friend Donnie who is 54, I am 47, ask me to join him on this race, but I haven't even ridden 86 miles at one time. So off on some training rides I go. I learned that a can of soup in the middle of no where is really good and I have been swtiching to maple syrup as I found out I have issued with cane surger.  I had used infiniate for 10 years before, but the transition has taken some time, but my body is adjsutely very very nicley. 

Race day was beautiful, it rained very early in the morning and things dried out quickly for it was windy as hell. 17mph winds from the west.  I was in the Open division with 21 racer and Donnie was in the Master 50 plus group. So I used my tatics of staying up front and go out with the lead group.  I always say if you can drill it for 20 min. then you will see a break happen. And with the winds today, that is exaclty what happened.

Mile 2 we hit our first water crossing, soaked shoes and socks, and the closest feeling I will get to a tri. Our group is now down to 10 riders as I try to get us to work toether for 86 miles is a long way.  We ave. over 21.5 mph for the first 30 miles. My friend Donnie was red lining the whole time and I would bridge him back to the group and push him with my hand and keep him protect from the wind.  For my goal was to help him ave. and ave. more than 17 mph.  With the wind not ginving in, the work was real and we hung on to the lead pack till mile 34 - now it's a 52 mile time trial home.

The only thing slowning us down was Donnies cramping, a short mechanical (chain dropping) and a really sweet looking handle bar bag that had my maple sryup, blended chicken noodle soup, phone, etc. Yet working together we kept Donnie in the lead till about 12 miles to go when we got passed by a train of 5 racers (same team) doing a great number with a team time-trail. We jumped onto the train, and their surge to drop us brought back Donnies cramps and had to pulled back to and finished the race with just us too.

Donnie finishing 3rd, less than 2 min off of first and second. My mechanical cost him 1st, but our little team effort and working together today through it all is what this sport is all about. Thank you Donnie, and please don't tell me of any other races longer than this!  I fininshed 10th and learned that my body is capale of this effort.

The little bottles I used for Maple and the Soup is going to be my go to from now on, and I will be dropping my front bag for race day - ha!  Love when we take life serieous to prepare but enjoy the ride.  I've alwasy lived by TRAIN HARD - RACE HAPPY, and today was a true reflection.    

stats: 86 miles, 3200 ft elevation

247 avg. watts

153 avg. heart rate

17.4 avg. speed

5 hours 5 min.

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